Abkhazia to have officials to represent itself in North Cyprus

Sukhum/Agency Caucasus – Maksim Gvincia, Deputy Foreign Minister of Abkhazia, was in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, or TRNC, between January 5 and 8, 2008, to reinforce his administration’s efforts to make contacts with diplomats of the countries, including TRNC as well, that have not got official recognition from the United Nations yet. The administration of Abkhazia has it as its goal to have a body of officials to represent itself in the TRNC. 


The Abkhazian official’s visit to the TRNC will be followed by other official trips to Taiwan and Somaliland.

Gvincia said in his statement released on Wednesday that his administration aimed both at improving its relations with North Cyprus and making contacts with representatives of both the Abkhazian Diaspora as well as of the government there. "Cyprus currently hosts as many as 500 Abkhazians who are the sons and daughters of former immigrants from Abkhazia who had to leave the home country after a war broke out between Russia and Caucasus. My administration is seeking ways to improve its economic as well as cultural relations with the TRNC, because both countries have many things in common to share." 

Gvincia spoke of future visits to Taiwan and Somaliland as well when he stressed the very thing all those four countries share in common about universal recognition of their independence.

The administration of Abkhazia currently maintains diplomatic relations with both South Ossetia and Transdinyester–both are ‘de facto’ independent. South Ossetia is following in the footsteps of Abkhazia in its efforts to separate from Georgia on the one hand, and Transdinyester from Moldavia on the other. 

Taiwan, an East Asian island, south of both China and Japan, and north of Philippines, is a country yet without its officially announced independence. While a group of Taiwanese nationalists founded Taiwan as the Republic of China in 1949 when they fled from the communist regime in China, Taiwan could not stop in 1979 China from replacing its place at the United Nations. The administration of China views Taiwan as its part, with a different regime though. Also, the Chinese administration threats Taiwan with a move to occupy it if the government of Taiwan ever attempts to announce its independence.      

Somaliland is a country of 137,000 square meters situated in the Horn of Africa that announced its independence in 1991 from Somali. The people of this country claim to have owned, before Somali’s gain of its own independence, the British Somaliland, the Guld of Aden, Djibouti, and Ethiopia. APSN/KU/ÖZ/FT