South Ossetians vote in favour of Putin

Tshinval- News that have been coming from
South Ossetia
as a de facto independent country in the wake of December 2 elections of Duma show that much of the votes over there were cast in favour of the Kremlin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia swept 92 percent of the South Ossetian votes, according to an official statement released from the South-Ossetian Committee on Press-Information.

That almost the entire population of South Ossetia were granted a passport after 2002 may be the reason behind such a result.

President Eduard Kokoiti was among those who voted in the Russian elections. He expressed his hope while he cast his vote in Tshinval that South Ossetia’s efforts to unite with yielded further results. 

The Georgian officials said before the elections that they would consider it as a declaration of war to set up ballots in Abkhazia and South Ossetia . (Agency Caucasus )