Caucasian leg of Duma elections forged

Caharkala/Agency Caucasus – A local human rights defender who observed the

leg of the Duma elections dismissed the results as forged. 

"The Chechen Committee on Election statement that over 99 percent of the entire population went to the ballots is completely false, because such hight reports of turnout in elections usually imply cheating involved in votes," said the the observer, who wanted his name not to be disclosed. "The usual turnout for elections in is 15 to 20 percent. And most of them are civil servants. The people have been sick of all those election campaigns, because they are certain that the government will consider the voting the way it wants to. I talked to some people that I know did not vote. All of them can understand the absurdity behind the official reports of turnout over 99 percent in these elections; but they keep themselves silent, because they don’t have another chance."

Malik, a Chechen, said that neither he nor his friends had voted, because it would have been stupid of them to vote for the Putin party after so many tragic events that they had been experiencing, according to Reuters.

Kremlin’s startling remark

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said that there was not a reason to be suspicious the results that came from the Caucasus . "The Caucasian people have the tradition of valuing power. The election results clearly reflect the respect for Putin, his party and local authorities."

Dagestan ‘s villagers boycott elections

The Degastan village of Morskaya boycotted the elections. None of the 600 electors voted. The provincial police officers said that the electoral officials had to leave the ballots empty when nobody showed up for voting. The village council made the decision not to vote because the officials did not remained faithful to the their promise to deliver natural gas supply to the villagers.