‘Kremlin’s representative for Caucasia is no longer necessary’

Maikop/Agency Caucasus – Adygean President Aslan Thakushinov voiced objection against the Kremlin Representative office for Southern Federal Region, which has played an active role in restricting the autonomy of North Caucasian republics. 


Thakushinov said that the special representative office was now invalid and needed to be abolished after Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Special Representative of North Caucasus Dmitri Kozak as the Russian Minister of Regional Development.

“I think that this organization is no longer valid. One of the goals behind the establishment of this organization was to harmonize laws in Russian regions with federal laws, and this actually happened,” said Thakushinov at a press conference last week.

There is now a harmony between the centre and the periphery, said Thakushinov and added that it would be better for Moscow to understand that this organization had better be abolished. KU/ÖZ/FT