Ibragimov gets worse over again

Strasbourg/Agency Caucasus – Said Emin Ibragimov was hospitalized when his health got worse after he remained on a hunger strike since September 1 with a view towards voicing the rights of Chechnya as a country that expects to be granted official recognition from international community.


Ibragimov lost his consciousness while he was on his hunger strike outside the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, according to a statement released from the French representative office of Chechen-Ichkeria. Soon after taken to a hospital in an ambulance, Ibragimov regained his consciousness and was sent back home at his request. Firm in his resolution to remain on his hunger strike despite obvious signs of deterioration in his health condition until he gets positive response from the United Nations, The Council of Europe and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Ibragimov has been receiving many friendly proposals to cease his hunger strike.