Kanokov set to run for Duma

Nalchik/Agency Caucasus – President Arsen Kanakov of Kabardino-Balkaria is set to run for the State Duma of Russia, or the lower house of the Federal Assembly of the Federation. 


The ruling United Russian Party officials put Kanakov on top of the list of candidates from Kabardino-Balkaria to run for the State Duma. The list has three other names as well, who are Duma Deputy Yuri Vasilyev, Mikhail Zalihanov and Adalbi Shagoshev, head of the ‘Solidarity’ charity.

Kanokov, 50, was long expected to run for the Duma elections. He was elected in 2003 a deputy of Duma as a member of the Liberal Democrat Party. He was then the owner of the Sindika Holding. Kanokov later chose to join the United Russian Party. While he was a deputy of Duma, he worked as Vice President of the Duma Budget and Taxation Committee. He was elected president of Kabardino-Balkaria with full support from 105 deputies later in 2005 when Russian President Vladimir Putin nominated him for presidency. RE/ÖZ/FT