Almir Abreg gets dismissed from his job once again

Maikop/Agency Caucasus – Almir Abreg was dismissed for a second time from his position as Manager of the National Museum, though his years of fighting for the maintenance of Adygei culture as well as Adygei status put him in a position as a man of action.

Abgreg took on his position as the manager in 1988. When he was dismissed from his position for a period in 2003, the museum staff rose up against his dismissal. While he was a co-chairman of the committee which was set up to maintain the status of Adygea, he turned out to be a problem man for those who did not want to have trouble with the administration in Moscow. The museum staff rose up for a second time against his recent dismissal from his position, because they though that it was a huge mistake not to renew Abreg’s contract. 

The museum staff wrote a formal letter to President Aslan Thakushinov, asking him to correct what is widely believed to be a grave mistake. Nadejda Bessarabova, Assistant Manager, was critical of The Minister of Culture Adam Tletseri’s decision to dismiss Abreg: "This is absolutely bad. The man who has been professionally managing the National Museum over the past three decades was denied renewal of his contract. He was replaced with someone who is not as knowledgeable as he is. What is worse is that efforts already under way to achieve huge projects face absolute failure." Bessarabova said that Thakushinov should listen to the demands from a group of the museum staff and re-appoint Abreg to his position.

Tletseri’s response to Bessarabova’s criticism was short and clear: "Abreg’s contract ended and was not renewed."

Born in 1945 in the village of Hatajukay, Abreg Almir Nuhovich graduated in 1970 from the English Department of the History-Philology Faculty at the State University of Kabardino-Balkaria. He then got his PhD degree in 1975 in history in the History, Archeology, Ethnography Institute, which is a part of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. He started to work as secretary general in 1976 in the State Museum of Abkhazia and was later promoted to the position as manager in 1988. KU/ÖZ/FT