Caucasian NGOs want to see Putin as national leader

Nalchik/Agency Caucasus – Efforts to announce as "the national leader" President Vladimir Putin of , who masterminded the second phase of Chechen war against as many as 130,000 innocent people, met with lachrymatory response from the Caucasian countries.

Several civil society organization representatives of the North Caucasus that claim to act for the 21 Caucasian nations got together in the capital city Nalchik of Kabardino-Balkaria. This group of representatives made it clear in their joint statement that they would like Putin to be their national leader. 

The representatives met in the building of Kabardino-Balkaria’s Coordination Council. Their joint statement was intended to be a public call for full participation in the December 2 elections and to vote for Putin.  

"Putin became the president in a critical period of time, and succeeded in a very short time stopping national disintegration, strengthening the order of law within the administrative departments, helping to create coordination among different administrative bodies in problem-solving processes, providing the basis for swift economic development and increasing the standards of living of the public. We would like to make it clear that Putin should remain as the national leader in order that specified programs can be developed further and the national development strategies can be maintained," it said in the joint statement.

They then sent a letter of gratitude to Putin on behalf of 21 North Caucasian nations.

Sufyan Beppayev, who was the former leader of Alan, a Balkar organization, before he was elected the Chairman of Coordination Council, said that the elections would actually be a kind of referendum on general support for Putin’s policies. ÖZ/FT

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