Abkhazian FM criticises western supply of arms to Georgia

Tbilisi/Agency Caucasus – Abkhazian Foreign Minister Sergei Shamba accused some western countries of supplying arms in “aid” to at the risk of causing a new war across the region. 

Mr. Shamba met in the capital city Sukhum of Abkhazia with a group of United Nations officials. His meeting with the UN officials was followed by his accusative statement that the regional security is under growingly serious risk from international green light to Georgian armament.


“It is obvious that the Georgian administration is acting provokingly to trigger the cause for a regional war here. And what is more, is receiving encouragement from some western countries to do so as they supply arms in aid to ,” said Mr. Shamba.


Mr. Shamba also accused of letting illegal flights along its border with Abkhazia, and spoke in forceful words when he said that Abkhazia has the power to end any illegalities of that kind.