Saakashvili vows taking over S. Ossetia within few months

Tbilisi – Former President Mikheil Saakashvili of made a promise as part of his election campaign for the January 5 presidential voting to bring
South Ossetia
, in addition to Abkhazia, under his rule within a few months if he gets re-elected president.

A statement of guarantee came on November 28 from Saakashvili to take over the governmental control of Abkhazia by 2008. A similar statement was heard from him to bring under the Georgian rule South Ossetia –a country that has been de facto independent since 1991. "The separatist regime in Tshinval is like a teeth to be removed soon. It is a matter of a couple of months’ time at most, if not a couple of weeks, if nothing goes wrong during the elections. I have the intelligence reports to be sure of my words’ accuracy," Saakashvili told in Tbilisi the students of State University .    

Saakashvili put the reason behind the recent period of quietude in South Ossetia as being connected to the idea of allowing further time to reach the point where it could seamlessly react to provocations.  " would use force ten times more in its counter attacks. The matter with South Ossetia can really be handled in a few weeks only," Saakashvili said and added that did not have interests in South Ossetia . 

"Abkhazia will be under the Georgian rule not within a few years but within a few months," said Saakashvili in his November 28 meeting with a group of Georgian refugees in Abkhazia. (Agency Caucasus )