Caucasian Foundation and Agency Caucasus are attending NGO fair

Istanbul – Both the Caucasian Foundation and the Agency Caucasus officials are attending November 15-18 the International Non-Governmental Organizations’ Fair in Istanbul.   


Officials of both organizations are seeking to maintain contacts with representatives of both Turkish and foreign civil society organizations as officials of such organizations are gathering for the first time together in Turkey at the invitation of the Foundation of Volunteer Organizations of Turkey, or TGTV.     

Ismail Tunçbilek, President of the Caucasian Foundation, attached in his words great importance both to the fair and its functionality in giving a chance to the Caucasians to have a word about themselves heard across the world, in getting daily questions shared among the non-governmental organizations, in gaining further awareness to different communities and in creating further opportunities for cooperation.  

"The TGTV intends its organization of this fair to bring volunteers together from across the world," Necati Ceylan, lawyer, President of the TGTV, said. "It is of high importance first to set up and then to maintain institutional cooperation as well as share of information at all levels among non-governmental organizations. For that reason, non-governmental organizations should be supplied with various facilities to share."   

"This fair will be a great occasion to get information shared among representatives of non-governmental organizations, both Turkish and foreign, about their activities and projects. Leading academicians, businessmen and leaders of opinion will be willing to share their experience in seminars, conferences and other forms of speech with others. The fair will also be an opportunity to find new volunteers," said Ceylan. "Several volunteering organizations that can be considered successful in their fields of specialization will also be able to exchange information. This will hopefully help them to develop a modern version of vision."