Shamba: Kosovo would have serious implications

Sukhum/Agency Caucasus – Abkhazian Foreign Minister Sergei Shamba said the end result of parliamentarian elections that would come after an election campaign on a possible announcement of independence for Kosovo would have serious implications for Abkhazia’s chances of getting recognized on an international level.

Khashim Tachi, alias ‘snake,’ former political leader of the Kosovan Independence Army, which emerged victorious in the Kosovan elections, said if he would get elected prime minister, he would announce the independence right after December 10, when international negotiations over Kosovo are expected to finish. However, after elected prime minister, Tachi said he would act in coordination with both the United States and Europe after he was warned by Europeans not to hurry.  

Shamba said, however, that former Kosovan Prime Minister Agim Cheku said Kosovo would gain independence on December 10, and added: "This would have serious implications. If Kosovo is recognized and Abkhazia is denied recognition, this will mean discrimination and the discriminative countries will not be allowed to take part in negotiations between Georgia and Abkhazia." ÖZ/FT