Kanokov takes a move forwards towards land reform

– President Arsen Kanokov of Kabardino-Balkaria had a special commission established to develop a set of land reforms in a move to gain much larger public appreciation.

Kanokov officially signed the bill that would make it possible to establish the commission. He, however, said before several times that he would not want to have a quick process of agricultural reformation because he argued that it would have been a cause for many serious problems to allocate land to private people. 

The commission contains both civilian and official representatives. Kanokov is expected to have the program in one month.

An October civilian forum in Nalchik was focused on the immediate need to solve the question of land. Kanokov then said that the best way to solve the problem would be to make the land available to common use through cooperatives, because otherwise it would only create a class of people with the power concentrated in their hands.   


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